Positive Intelligence

Duration: 6 Weeks
    • Do you feel like you’ve become a negative person?
    • Are you secretly judging everyone and everything around you?
    • Are you sick and tired of feeling angry, anxious or under-appreciated?

Who is this program for?

This program is for people who are frustrated and angry with themselves and others. Through a combination of teaching, coaching, and practice you will train your brain to turn off the automatic negative thoughts that are bringing you down and understand how to activate a positive, healthy approach to all areas of your life.

“I absolutely loved the 6 week Positive Intelligence course! I gained so much self-awareness, mindfulness and new ways of thinking. I highly recommend Jodi’s course to anyone who feels stuck, desires to “up” their game or wants to live a more present, peaceful life.”

— Tammy B.
What’s included
  • 6 weeks of training to kick-start the development of your three core mental muscles
  • 15 minutes of guided daily practice sessions to identify your negative thoughts and shift them
  • Weekly hour-long video training and visualization from the Positive Intelligence founder Shirzad Chamine
  • Weekly hour-long coaching sessions from Jodi to enhance your learning and practice
  • 24/7 access to a community of other participants for support and accountability
  • Copy of NY Times Bestseller “Positive Intelligence”
$995/pod ($1395/indiv)

How does this program help you?

In this 6-week course you will learn about your brain and how your negative thoughts are controlling your life. You will learn how to re-train your mind to choose a positive alternative. 

Join a pod

Jodi will lead you and a group of other participants to examine what you’re experiencing each week. 

Watch the videos

The founder of Positive Intelligence will teach you how your brain works and show you how to change your thoughts through weekly video lessons.

Exercise your brain

You will grow your brain muscles through daily activities that are bite-sized to fit your busy schedule and customized based on how you self-sabotage.

Measure your progress

The app-guided experience tracks your progress and provides instant feedback and motivation.